Outside in Testing in React

In this talk, I'll share a testing workflow that I have found useful when developing Web Applications. This is applicable to multiple frameworks, I used it first in Ember and more recently with React. For this instance, we'll be using React as a reference, but the idea transcends it. Along the way, we'll discover tools and libraries that can be useful on their own, even if you don't adopt this workflow.

Miguel Madero
Principal Engineer at Zenefits
Lessons learned from building a scalable React application

React has a huge ecosystem, an engaged community, and allows us to build reusable components. So, what could go wrong? It turns out that as of any piece of software, a React application needs smart design decisions and the right abstractions to grow healthily. As an earlier adopter, the Bananatag engineering team watched React patterns mature while growing their product into a platform. This talk will share the challenges faced, the lessons learned, and the techniques, heuristics, and strategies applied to achieve a scalable React application.

Cerize Santos
Software Developer at Bananatag
Build Web 3.0 decentralized apps with Linnia
Godfrey Hobbs
Software Builder and Lead at ConsenSys
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